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How to Prepare for a Retirement Visa in Indonesia?

As long as you are older than 55, a retirement visa is one of the most convenient ways to stay in Indonesia. However, there are certain conditions you have to meet to be eligible for it.


Indonesia Retirement Benefits for Foreigners

You will experience plenty of benefits by settling in in Indonesia: You can live in Indonesia for years

  • Enter and exit the country as often as you would like

  • Lease land

  • Get a local bank account

There are a few requirements for those who would like to apply for a retirement visa in Indonesia.

See if you match the criteria and where to begin the preparation of your journey:


Three Stages of Retirement Visa in Indonesia

For a permanent stay, however, you can also consider registering a company or setting up a representative office in Bali. Setting up a representative office allows different activities and benefits for business owners.  Also, in the long-term, it is more cost-effective compared to EOR. If you are planning a short-term stay in Bali, however, obtaining a business visa would be an easier option. With a business visa, you will be able to conduct business activities and study the market. However, note that a business visa does not allow you to take up any employment in Indonesia.


Retirement in Indonesia for Married Couples

Married couples often have Indonesia in their bucket list – it is not rare to find them cherishing their long unit by retiring on one of the archipelago’s islands. However, meeting the requirements of a retirement KITAS is sometimes difficult for both of the partners. Note that if one of you already has the retirement KITAS, the other can apply for a visa called a dependent KITAS. A dependent KITAS is a more convenient option as the process and requirements are simpler. In fact, you can also apply a dependent KITAS for your kid when retiring if he or she is under 18 years old.

Paying Taxes When Retired in Indonesia

Once you get a retirement KITAS or a dependent KITAS you become a resident in Indonesia. Therefore you must report your global income in Indonesia. Alike to Indonesians, a foreigner on a retirement visa must also pay the Indonesian Personal Income Tax. See the clarifying table regarding the taxable income.


Complete Retirement Service for Retirees in Bali

Besides handling the retirement visa, VIVO ASIA can also provide a complete retirement service in Bali. This includes everything you need for a comfortable everyday living at a fraction of the cost compared to your home country. While there are many good quality housings available in the popular touristic areas, finding a good deal is often a hassle. That is why VIVO ASIA provides the support in finding you a house that meets your budget and makes sure all the paperwork is in order. This service also assures you won’t pay above market rate.

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