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Three Stages of Retirement Visa in Indonesia

There are three simple steps you need to follow to process your retirement visa in Indonesia:

  • Collect and send documents over to your agent at VIVO ASIA

  • Pick up your new retirement visa from an Indonesian Embassy

  • Convert your visa to a Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS) once you arrive to Indonesia with your visa

Make sure you also inform the agent about the Indonesian Embassy you are planning to pick up the visa from. If you don’t have an Indonesian embassy in your country you can obtain your visa from another country. Such as Singapore.

1. Prepare Documents for Your Retirement Visa Agent

VIVO ASIA can become your agent and help prevent any obstacles or delays in the issuance of your retirement visa. This means that our legal team consultants support you whenever the need occurs. Beware of the companies that promise to deliver your retirement visa with less documentation than the list we have combined here. The gap in your documentation might be used against you if unforeseeable problems come up. Take the extra precautions not to run into trouble months or years down the line and present all the documents that are required:

  • Copies of all passport pages. Your passport needs to be valid for at least another 18 months and have at least 6 remaining blank pages

  • A letter that states you will employ a maid, will not be working in Indonesia and that you have secured your accommodation

  • In case you are renting, the lease agreement must include the property owner’s name, address of the house, the amount of rent, and you must also attach a copy of the landowner’s identity card (KTP)

  • Copy of both your health insurance policy and life insurance policy

  • Copy of a bank account statement; or a proof that you are holding a pension (and any other documentation that proves you have sufficient funds at your disposal).

The minimum amount is $US 1,500 per month to provide the applicants living expenses during the proposed stay in Indonesia (a total of $US 18,000 per year)

  • Photographs with red background

  • A sponsor letter which VIVO ASIA will provide you with

We will review all the documentation and proceed the application. Immigration will take around two weeks to go over your application and give an approval.

2. Pick Up Retirement Visa From an Indonesian Embassy

Once the application is approved you will get a telex visa that you have to take to an Indonesian embassy abroad. You will then go to the embassy together with your passport and pick up the visa.

Before going to the embassy please check the embassy homepage or turn to the embassy directly to learn about any additional requirements besides the copy of telex, sponsor letters and a passport. The most common requirements are to fill in an application and provide a passport photo. However, some embassies require additional documents.

Keep in mind that embassies have their own processing times, thus make sure to have enough time to finalize your visa on spot. One of the fastest ways is traveling to Singapore. Together with the help of a local agent, you will receive your visa within one business day. Once having received the visa in Singapore you can pack up and enter Indonesia – it is time to continue with converting.

3. Convert visa to a Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS)

Once you are in Indonesia it is up to your agent to convert your visa into a KITAS. You only need to visit the immigration office to give fingerprints and take a photo. As a retirement KITAS holder, you will receive the following documents:

  • A retirement KITAS

  • A certificate of registration of temporary residency (SKPPS & SKTT)

  • Resort police report (STM)

  • Police card (SKLD)

The above visa gives you the permission to stay in Indonesia for one year. Retirement KITAS is extendable for up to a maximum of five years with annual extensions. After that you can apply for a Permanent Stay Permit KITAP, which is valid for five years. Or, instead, cancel the KITAS with an Exit Permit Only (EPO).

Note that if you want to visit other countries while on your retirement visa, you can not just be up and running. You should apply for either an Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP), valid for three months, or the Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit (MERP), valid for six months. VIVO ASIA will provide this together with your retirement KITAS so you can freely move around the country whenever you feel the need.


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