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Food & Beverage Registration

To protect public health, every food and beverage in the Indonesian market must be passed through a certification conducted by the Indonesian National Agency for Drug and Food Control (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan, or BPOM). Those who are not familiar with the Indonesian bureaucratic process might find this process challenging and cumbersome. Learn how we can assist you.

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What is BPOM?

BPOM is a government agency responsible for protecting the public through the control and supervision of drugs and food. BPOM will issue the market authorization permit if your product passes the certification process. To obtain it, importers must register their product’s manufacturer before registering the product itself. BPOM will categorize imported goods into several categories based on their risk approach.

Product That Must Be Halal Certified

The law also outlines that certain chemicals, biological products, cosmetics, drugs, and utilized goods that contain traces of animal elements must be halal certified. Packaging services, animal slaughterhouses, storage services, and distribution services must also go through halal certification in Indonesia. A halal certificate in Indonesia is valid for four years.

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Medical & Beauty Devices Registration

With our expertise in Indonesia’s regulations, we handle the registration of your medical device with minimum obstacles. With or without establishing a company, we can get your medical devices registered securely and seamlessly. In addition to medical device registration, our consultants can get your medical products Halal certified in a seamless way. VIVO Asia handles your hefty paperwork requirements for product registration and rules out delays.

Cosmetic Product Registration in Indonesia:

Companies entering this market should be aware of the corporate and legal regulations to commence business operations in Indonesia. To complete the cosmetic registration process successfully, you have to meet quality, safety, labeling, and claim requirements. For more details regarding cosmetic product registration requirements, contact our experts.

Product Registration Services in Indonesia:

Imported household products, whether they be equipment, materials, or mixtures for maintenance and treatment of human health, pets, or houses, are required to be registered and go through a certification process conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (MOH) before entering the local market. Contact us to learn more about product registration services in Indonesia to make your business expansion more convenient.

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Importing & exporting goods in Indonesia.

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