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Retirement in Indonesia for Married Couples (Dependent KITAS)

Married couples often have Indonesia in their bucket list – it is not rare to find them cherishing their long unit by retiring on one of the archipelago’s islands. However, meeting the requirements of a retirement KITAS is sometimes difficult for both of the partners. Note that if one of you already has the retirement KITAS, the other can apply for a visa called a dependent KITAS.

A dependent KITAS is a more convenient option as the process and requirements are simpler. In fact, you can also apply a dependent KITAS for your kid when retiring if he or she is under 18 years old.

When both partners of a married couple apply for a retirement KITAS then their applications are going to be launched separately. So, if your main income is your personal pension it still needs to be for the minimal amount of $US 1,500 per person. Although, you do not need two maids, as well as shared assets, can be used by both, proving that you have enough funds.

We have some further reading for foreigners who have married an Indonesian. When your spouse is a citizen of Indonesia, you can also apply for the spouse-sponsored marriage KITAS.


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