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Working at the local company and getting a KITAS as the beneficiary owner

A local company must have one resident director who is an Indonesian citizen. But, your local company can appoint you as the president director despite being the beneficial owner.

That is only if your local company has had IDR 1 billion capital. It is since the company’s capital must be at least IDR 1 billion per hired foreigner. In that case, you can get a temporary stay permit (KITAS) for work.

The working KITAS is valid for a year. It can be renewed annually up to five times. Afterward, you will need to cancel your KITAS and reapply.

Otherwise, you can upgrade your KITAS to a permanent stay permit (KITAP). Besides, it is one of the major benefits of the director position. Advisor or manager positions, namely, do not allow proceeding with the KITAP after five years.


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