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The function of a nominee company in Bali

A nominee company will act as the registered owner of your local company’s shares on behalf of you or your foreign-owned company.

Nonetheless, as the actual owner of the local company, you can still protect and control all of the assets and businesses.

You can do that by having professionally drafted agreements. Additionally, by being the president director where you will be the leading decision-maker of the local company.

Safety of using a nominee company in Bali

Using an individual nominee is not a safe way to register a local company in Bali. Especially if you are considering having your Indonesian acquaintance or family as shareholders.

In case the individual dies, there can be problems with the successors. Moreover, unlike a person, a nominee company cannot disappear as easily dissolving a company is quite a process.

A nominee company or a special-purpose enterprise will provide nominee service with a solid set of legal agreements. For instance, the following legal agreements:

  • Agreements on cooperation

  • Loan agreement

  • Indemnity agreement

  • Pledge of shares agreement

  • Assignment of dividends agreement

With this in mind, it will be a professional relationship between you or your company and a nominee company. There will be no hard feelings if you want to end the service.

As for its bank account and tax compliance, they will be under your control. It means you can safely handle your local company’s financials and pay dividends once a year.

You or your foreign-owned company will be the beneficiary of the local company registered by the nominee company in Bali. Beneficial owners are specifically structured above the shareholders of the local company.


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