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Additional outsourcing services in Bali


We can find the perfect talents for your business expansion. We set interviews and do background checks before endorsing candidates to you for another interview. Afterward, we will extend a job offer to your selected candidate and hire on your behalf.

HR outsourcing in Bali

There is no HR hired in many smaller or starting businesses, and the management handles the HR matters. As often, it is not cost-efficient to hire a full-time HR. Nevertheless, VIVO ASIA can provide you with this service. It involves answering questions out of the scope of work, such as leaves, cultural holidays, documents, and other subjects related to HR that you may not know.

Workspace or office

Depending on the number of employees you plan to hire, VIVO ASIA can provide a working space for your employees in the VIVO ASIA office. However, if the team is big or you prefer to have your own office,VIVO ASIA can assist in signing the lease for your office. Namely, a foreign company is not allowed to hold a lease in Indonesia.

Invoicing service

In case you have customers in Indonesia, and you would like to invoice them in Indonesia,VIVO ASIA can also provide you with an invoicing service. The entity that is formally the employer of your employees will issue an invoice and pay taxes from the income earned. Once this is done, the money will be transferred to you.

If your vendors feel more comfortable working with an Indonesian entity, we can also assist you with the payment of invoices to vendors or other service providers.

Using an Employer of Record in Bali is a great way to test the market and hire employees without the hassle of running a company. Contact our Bali office today


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