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Simple Tax and Accounting Solutions for Businesses in Bali

Our tax and accounting experts will optimize your financial accounts. We’ll ensure that you only pay the minimum amount of tax for your circumstances. Our accountants stay on top of changes to rules and regulations in Bali to ensure compliance with Indonesian laws.

Tax reporting with VIVO ASIA

Withholding Tax Computation

In Bali, taxpayers must withhold taxes when conducting certain transactions. It can be confusing to differentiate between what transactions apply. VIVO ASIA experts know, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Employee Tax and BPJS

Employers in Bali are responsible for withholding taxes on behalf of their employees. Employers must also make contributions to Indonesia’s social security and healthcare programs. Here at VIVO ASIA, we love taking care of your employees. So you and your employees can feel secure.

Tax Advisory

Expat businesses involve complex cross-border taxation questions for both business and personal tax matters. Be prepared with VIVO ASIA, we’ll guide you through this confusing area of tax in Bali.

Payroll Management

Managing payroll in Bali involves several regulations and taxes. Let VIVO ASIA’s payroll professionals take care of that for you. We calculate holiday and overtime pay and will handle everything from computation to the distribution of payroll.

Accounting and Bookkeeping with VIVO ASIA

We believe that keeping your company compliant is more than just filing mandatory tax reports. Our qualified and registered accountants can keep your accounts in order. Our high standard of bookkeeping will enable you to monitor the performance of your business. VIVO ASIA’s bookkeeping and accounting service includes but its not limited to:

Setting up accounting software

As a Xero partner, working with VIVO ASIA gives you access to one of the most popular accounting software in the world.

General ledger

Maintaining a complete record of all the financial transactions of your business.

Opening bank account in Bali

We will assist you in opening local bank accounts and reconsolidate them for bookkeeping.

Monthly chart of accounts

Our accountants will collect a comprehensive listing of every account in the general ledger of your company.


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