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Should you get the new Indonesian Second Home Visa?

Brand-new Indonesian Second Home program is a new way to live in Indonesia. Learn if it meets your needs.

Finally, it’s official. A new type of visa and stay permit program called the “Indonesian Second Home Visa” is approved and available for foreigners wanting to live in Indonesia for an extended period of time.

As always, new government initiatives are accompanied by months of rumors and speculative information. The visa was even prematurely dubbed the “digital nomad visa”, promising a prospect of an affordable way to legally live and work digitally in Indonesia.

The final version is quite different from what would suit a stereotypical “digital nomad” working on their laptop from an affordable beach bar somewhere near Seminyak.

But the new program is valuable for many ex-pats. Continue reading to understand what it is and whether it’s a suitable option for you.

Indonesian Second Home Visa in a nutshell

As the name suggests, the Second Home program is intended for foreign nationals that wish to make Indonesia their second home. In practical terms, this means the following:

  • You get a special type of KITAS that is valid for five to ten years and is extendable

  • You are not allowed to work in Indonesia

  • You can bring along your family members (spouse, children, parents)

  • The law doesn’t specify (yet) any changes in tax residence status. Therefore, until further notice, if you stay in Indonesia for more than 183 days a year, you become a tax resident.

Second Home Visa vs. Second Home Permit

Both the Indonesian Second Home Visa and Second Home Permit are part of the same “Second Home” program and you’ll first get the visa that allows you to enter the country and complete the paperwork for the stay permit (ITAS).

In this article, we’ll use both terms interchangeably due to what the ex-pat community calls them but know that the “second home visa” is essentially a step towards the “second home permit”.

Requirements to get the Indonesian Second Home Visa

The key requirement for the Second Home Permit is that you must prove that you (or your guarantor) have at least 2 billion IDR ( ~125,000 USD) of funds in your bank account or that you own luxury property in Indonesia.

A luxury property is mostly referring to large villas, condominiums, and townhouses (at least 300 m2) that cost at least 6x more than the “regular” housing in the area.

The intention of the law is clear – to attract high-net-worth individuals to stay in Indonesia. While the requirements are not as easy as the speculated “Indonesian Digital Nomad Visa”, they are still fairly manageable if you have funds abroad and are looking for a convenient option to live in Indonesia.

Indonesian Second Home Visa and Stay Permit application process

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to manage the immigration procedures by yourself or have a visa guarantor that does it on your behalf. If you meet the visa requirements, we assume the latter.

Applying for Second Home Visa with VIVO as the guarantor

Time needed: 10 days.

Visa process using VIVO as your guarantor.

  • Second Home Visa Application Send us your passport copy that is valid for at least 36 months, four passport photos, and your CV.

  • Receive a stay permit (ITAS) once you arrive in Indonesia Once your visa is issued (usually within 10 days), you can enter Indonesia to receive your stay permit (ITAS)

  • Get your passport stamped Within 30 days your passport will be stamped and you can live in Indonesia for 5-10 years. VIVO as the guarantor provides the proof of funds.

Applying for a Second Home Visa yourself or using another guarantor

  • You or your guarantor (can be either individual or a company) applies for your Second Home Visa and proves to have funds of at least 2 billion IDR. You’ll need to provide a copy of your passport that is valid for at least 36 months, 4 passport photos, and your CV.

  • Once the visa is granted (in estimated 10 days), you will be able to enter Indonesia and apply for the Second Home Permit (ITAS). This involves a statement letter from you or the guarantor that you will open a local bank account and transfer the 2 billion IDR (which you can use for living expenses later) or buy a luxury property within 30 days.

  • Once the permit is issued, you have 30 days to provide proof that you have transferred the funds or purchased a luxury property. If you don’t provide it, you’ll have seven days to leave the country.

  • Once the proof is submitted, your passport is stamped is issued and you can live in Indonesia and apply for stay permits for your family members.

Getting started with the Second Home program

If you want to know more about the Second Home Visa or discuss with our visa consultants whether this is the most suitable visa type for you and your family, simply reach out to us using the form below. The easiest way to get the visa is to use VIVO as the guarantor. We will provide the bank statement of 2 billion IDR on behalf of you during the visa application process and complete all the paperwork on behalf of you. Once you arrive to the country, we’ll help you open a local bank account, purchase property, or both, to make sure you meet the requirements.


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