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How to Prepare for a Retirement Visa in Indonesia?

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As long as you are older than 55 retirement visa is one of the most convenient ways to stay in Indonesia. However, there are certain conditions you have to meet to be eligible for it.

This article serves as a guide on how to prepare and receive your retirement visa in Indonesia.

Indonesia Retirement Benefits for Foreigners

You will experience plenty of benefits by settling in in Indonesia:

  • You can live in Indonesia for years

  • Enter and exit the country as often as you would like

  • Lease land

  • Get a local bank account

There are a few requirements for those who would like to apply for a retirement visa in Indonesia. See if you match the criteria and where to begin the preparation of your journey:


Eligibility Requirements


55 or older


There is no plan to work in Indonesia

Life and Health Insurance

​Insurance provider can be a company of your own choosing, although it must cover Indonesia


Sign a lease agreement for 1 year


Hire a maid or a domestic helper


Your pension/deposit account requirement is $US 18,000 per year

There is also a requirement as per to the country of citizenship. For example, the Pakistani citizens have been added to the eligibility list only recently. The countries that are not eligible for a retirement visa are:

  • Afghanistan

  • Guinea

  • Israel

  • North Korea

  • Cameroon

  • Liberia

  • Niger

  • Nigeria

  • Somalia

The citizens of the countries above may apply for a calling visa instead. If your home country is not listed above then you have no citizenship restriction, which means that you can move forward with processing a retirement visa.

Although, note that only an appointed agency (called sponsor) can apply for it. The application goes through the Ministry of Tourism, the sponsor or their partner has to have the right to acquire a retirement visa from the ministry.


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