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How to get out of the blacklist when you’ve been deported from Bali

If your visa problems in Bali have led to deportation from Indonesia, you will get a deportation stamp in your passport, and your name will be blacklisted.

The minimum blacklisting period in Indonesia is six months. For grave violations, such as drug offenses, the blacklisting is permanent.

Note that your name will not be automatically removed from the blacklist once the blacklisting period ends. On the contrary, your status as blacklisted will renew until you request for removal.

Based on the Indonesian Immigration law, you need to send a request letter to the main office of the General Directorate of Immigration in Jakarta to clear your name from the blacklist.

It may not be as an easy process as it sounds. Immigration officials do not always approve the removal requests. For this reason, it is better to have a local representative in Indonesia to submit the blacklist removal request for you. VIVO ASIA can help you on this matter as well.


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