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How to Get a KITAS Using an Employer of Record Service in Bali

  • What is an employer of record?

  • How to live in Bali using an employer of record service?

Four main benefits of using an EOR in Bali

If you want to stay in Bali for a longer term, you need a temporary residence permit, also known as a KITAS. There are three most common types of KITAS in Indonesia:

  • KITAS sponsored by an Indonesian spouse

  • Retirement KITAS for people who are 55 or older

  • KITAS sponsored by an Indonesian entity

But, how to live in Bali if you don’t have a company, a job, or a local spouse? In this article, we are going to explain how using an employer of record service allows you to stay in Bali legally and without the need for doing any visa runs.

What is an employer of record?

An employer of record (EOR) by definition is a service provider that hires employees that will be on their payroll but work for other companies. With this service, you can employ people in other countries without needing to establish a legal entity there.

However, the EOR service is also a great alternative if you are an expat who wants to live in Bali but who does not have a company, a job, or local spouse that could allow you obtain a residency permit.

How to live in Bali using an employer of record service?

Getting a KITAS through our employer of record service in Bali is simple. All you need to do is provide us with documents required for a KITAS in Indonesia, and we will take care of the rest on your behalf.

Here are the documents you need to send us if you want to obtain a KITAS using our employer of record service in Bali:

  • CV

  • Copy of your education certificate in English (at least a bachelor’s degree)

  • A formal photo with a red background

  • Copy of your health or life insurance policy (can be from any country)

  • Latest bank statement showing your name and balance equal to at least USD 1,500

  • Address in Bali and copy of the lease agreement if staying in a house

  • Color scan of all pages of your passport with a minimum validity of 20 months

  • Reference letter from your previous company showing at least five years of experience

  • Name of the Indonesian Embassy where we send the limited stay approval (telex)

  • Monthly salary and other essential terms of the employment contract

In general, the issuance of a limited stay approval (telex) takes up to three months. After that, you have two months to collect the telex from your chosen Indonesian Embassy abroad.

The length of validity of a KITAS can be from 1 month to 12 months, depending on your needs. KITASes valid for less than 12 months are non-extendable.

Working in Bali

Together with a KITAS via an EOR, it is also possible to receive a notification from the Ministry of Manpower that will allow you to work in Indonesia.

Based on the new work permit regulation in Indonesia (No. 20/2018 on the use of foreign workers), effective since July 2018, this notification from the Ministry of Manpower replaces the previous work permit (IMTA) that allowed you to work in Indonesia previously.

However, keep in mind that a lot depends on the type of your work, and you cannot hold every position in Indonesia.

If you have questions regarding any of the requirements or about living and working in Bali, feel free to send them directly to our Bali office via

Our experienced consultants will assist you gladly in finding the best solution for you.


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