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Frequently asked questions about hiring foreign workers in Indonesia

What is the foreigner-to-local hiring ratio?

A company must hire at least one Indonesian for every foreign national. The co-worker’s position must be relevant to the foreigner’s title.

Do non-resident commissioners and directors need a work permit?

Yes. If they hold more than one billion Rupiah worth of shares, they should get an Investor Visa instead which is a much faster and cheaper process.

The foreigner should not visit Indonesia before the work permit is issued?

This is not correct. The foreign national can visit Indonesia with any valid visa as long as they don’t take up employment.

Does the foreign worker need to take Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia) courses?

The new regulation states that the employer should enable language training to the employee but there is no enforcement or other types of formal control from the government.

Can the foreign worker work for several companies in Indonesia?

The work permit is tied to the specific company and position. If the worker wants to work for another company, they need to get an additional work permit from that company.

If I am married to an Indonesian and have KITAS, can I work without a work permit?

If your KITAS is sponsored by your spouse, you are dependent. To be allowed to work, you have to get a work permit.

Can I import personal goods with my Stay Permit or KITAS?

A surprisingly unknown fact is that you are allowed to import one container of personal goods to Indonesia with your KITAS. Note that the items are strictly for personal use and you are not allowed to sell them in Indonesia.

Do I need a work permit for performing quality control or attending meetings?

No, for those activities it’s better to get a business visa. A one-year multiple entry visa allows you to stay in the country for 60 days per visit.

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