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Avoid getting deported from Indonesia

Deporting and blacklisting in Indonesia will follow once you fail to pay the fine while being in the country for less than 60 days. The same applies when you are in the country with a stay permit that is no longer valid and exceeds 60 days. However, blacklisting and sending out of the country is something you can prevent.

Note that the Immigration officials in Indonesia are doing an excellent job at keeping their eye on any immigration-related violations. Besides, it is often a case of receiving a tip from someone, which leads the officials to check upon the documents of expats and foreign businesses.

Therefore, always make it a priority to have your documentation in line with the country’s regulations.

Apply for the right visa in Indonesia

Various entry regulations apply to citizens of different countries. For short term stays you often do not need a visa at all (Presidential Decree No. 21 of 2016 for Visits Without Visa). However, in many cases, these are the travelers who overstay their visit as well.

If you are amongst those citizens, who can enter without a visa, yet wish to stay longer than 30 days, plan your stay ahead. You cannot extend your stay, neither upgrade it into another type of stay permit. Thus, you must apply for a new visa to stay longer. Make sure to choose a visa that is most suitable for your visit.

However, if you already know that the duration is going to be longer, it is probably wiser to apply for a visa allowing you to stay longer before entering Indonesia (rather than starting to process one on the spot).

Indonesia visas for longer than 30 days

Business visa is convenient and highly used – applying for it before entering the country would be the best way to stay in Indonesia for longer than 30 days.

Choose between a Single-Entry or Multiple-Entry Business Visa which have similar purposes but different durations. Also, one allows you to enter the country multiple times.

A Single-Entry Business Visa, also known as Social or Social Budaya Visa, grants you a 60-day stay and is extendable for up to 4 times. It gives you the opportunity to both conduct business and study the market.

A Multiple-Entry Business Visa, on the other hand, has the same purpose but is valid for one full year since issuance and after that is not extendable.

Note that you can also get a business visa together with an Indonesian bank account. A benefit that saves you the trouble of continually using an overseas bank account for expensive transactions in Indonesia.

VIVO ASIA created the package after long cooperation with several Indonesian banks – we will deliver your business visa in Indonesia together with a local bank account.

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Leave your contact details along with any unanswered questions in the form below. VIVO ASIA has offices in Jakarta and Bali, and we can assist you in regards to overstaying visas anywhere in Indonesia.


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