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How To Start A Lifestyle Business in Bali

Thinking about starting a lifestyle business in Bali? Learn what it takes to set up this kind of business.

Many foreigners consider setting up a lifestyle business to support themselves in Bali. Indonesia has certain rules for foreign businesses, particularly with capital and investment requirements. You must understand these regulations so you can plan how to start a lifestyle business in Bali.

In this article, we discuss key information about lifestyle businesses in Bali. We will debunk some common misconceptions about businesses in Bali. In addition to that, we will talk about the usual challenges foreigners face when starting a lifestyle business in Bali. We will also share alternative ways to set up a business in Bali.

Common Lifestyle Businesses in Bali

There isn’t a particular niche or industry for a lifestyle business. Some of the most popular lifestyle businesses for foreigners in Bali include:

  • Businesses in the food and beverage industry like restaurants or cafes

  • Short-term rentals like villas or guesthouses

  • Travel agencies or tour operators

  • Recreation and leisure activities (yoga, surfing, diving, golf)

  • Clothing and jewelry design and distribution

  • Import and sales of cosmetics

  • Spiritual health, holistic and wellness services/retreats

  • Consulting services, for example, marketing, branding and social media management

  • Photography and videography services


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