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Four main benefits of using an EOR in Bali

While using an employer of record service in emerging markets provides several advantages for larger corporations, it also makes life easier if you are an expatriate who does not plan to make any significant investments in Indonesia.

Here are some of the main benefits of using our employer of record service in Bali.

#1 Obtain a residence permit in Indonesia

As we already mentioned, if you want to stay in Bali longer, you need a temporary residence permit KITAS, and it requires either an individual or a corporate sponsor.

An EOR, however, gives you that residence permit without needing a job, a company, nor a spouse. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about dealing with any paperwork or doing costly visa runs while constantly explaining the purpose of your stay to the immigration officials either.

Having an EOR gives you the gateway and resources to get everything handled for a KITAS. Moreover, depending on your business and the position in the KITAS, it can help you provide your services or earn income in Indonesia legally.

#2 It is cost-efficient

An alternative to having an individual sponsor is to have a corporate sponsor or set up your own company in Bali.

However, note that the minimum capital requirement for setting up a company in Indonesia is IDR 2.5 billion (~USD 170,000) and the process of company registration requires a fair amount of paperwork.

Therefore, if you don’t plan on staying in Bali long term, an EOR provides you with a residence permit and frees you from the need for setting up a company just to stay in Bali or doing any visa runs.

#3 Compliance with local laws

Local regulations are continually changing, both for businesses and individuals. If you live in Bali or have a legal entity here, you have to make sure that everything complies with the laws continuously.

An EOR allows you to sidestep that hassle. It guarantees compliance with the ever-changing local regulations, thereby giving you one less thing to worry about.

#4 Shift your focus and accomplish things

Getting a KITAS via an EOR also allows you to focus your energy elsewhere instead of constantly being anxious about the legality of your stay and whether you meet the ever-changing local regulations.

Be it your business abroad or your aim to settle down in Bali, using an employer of record service removes the burden of bureaucracy off your shoulders and enables you to dedicate yourself to your goals.


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