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Trademark Registration

The creation of a company and a registered trademark in Indonesia can quickly improve a company's visibility, increase its competitiveness and maximize profits.

Vivo Asia provides comprehensive services on trademark registration in Indonesia to make sure all the process is done correctly. The trademark registration service by Vivo Asia is tailored for your company’s strategic goals. By consulting with Vivo Asia about your trademark plans, we will help you better allocate the time and costs that suit your business needs.

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One-Stop Solution for Trademark Registration Service in Indonesia

Our experts will help you go through the trademark registration procedure quickly and easily. We will help to collect all the necessary documents, apply for registration and receive a certificate of registration of your trademark as soon as possible. If necessary, our design team will help develop a trademark template tailored to your wishes.

The Importance and Benefits of Trademark Registration in Indonesia

Copyright infringement and piracy still pose issues that can damage a business. To gain control and advantages in the situation, brands and companies should start trademark registration immediately. There are some significant benefits that you can optimize after getting a registered trademark.

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