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Shipment control

Shipment control is not only an important stage in verifying the lot's readiness, but also a guarantee that the goods will be sent from the factory in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer. The product is important not only to develop and launch into production in a quality manner, but also to pack and load correctly. Poor loading can cause considerable damage to any goods.

The presence of our specialist during shipment is necessary to control the correct distribution of cargo in the container and to comply with loading rules that will help to avoid problems during the delivery process (loading/unloading, transportation and moving, inspection, etc.).

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Documents required:


· Checking the quantity of goods on invoices
· Checking packaging quality, size, weight
· Checking the container number
· Loading accuracy control
· Establishing correct container filling
· Container closure and seal control
· Photo and video recording of the shipment process
· Compilation of a detailed report on the results of shipment control

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Delivery organization

The organization of cargo delivery is a multi-stage process, which includes choosing the right type of transportation based on volumes, weight, budget, choosing the best route, preparing documentation and picking cargo.

Vivo Asia provides "turnkey" delivery of goods, which means the implementation of all stages of the delivery chain from loading cargo into a container to delivery to a warehouse anywhere in the world.

Types of transportation

Consult your shipping needs to our team to get a cargo delivery solution safely and on time:

Air freight: We provide air transport services that can be tailored to the request for emergency and immediate cargo shipments. With a worldwide network of agencies and domestic major city in Indonesia with support from our experienced staff to ensure your cargo is delivered on time.

Sea freight: We provide Sea cargo transportation services suitable for shipping with large capacity and more affordable prices.


Air freight is the fastest way to transport cargo, but at the same time the most expensive. If you need to quickly transport bulk cargo over long distances, it is the most convenient air transportation. The longest, but economically viable way is shipping by sea.

Work Stages:
· Choosing the best delivery route & Cost calculation.
· Container delivery for loading from the factory & Container loading
· Export clearance in Indonesia & Customs clearance in your country.
· Transportation of goods to the warehouse
· Transfer of all necessary documents

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Importing & exporting goods in Indonesia.

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