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Quality inspection

Quality inspection at all stages of production is one of the most important points in the entire process of working with the manufacturer. When the customer is not located in Indonesia, and the order is executed there, the possibilities for controlling production are very limited.

Vivo Asia offers its quality control services in Indonesia. To this end, our specialists have the opportunity to go to production and make sure that the quality meets your requirements and expectations.

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Documents required:

Filling out a questionnaire with a detailed description of the required manufacturers.

Based on the information provided, we conduct a competitive analysis of manufacturers, monitor the use of new technologies in production, analyze the organization of the production process.

According to the results of the research, we are preparing a list of 5-10 factories indicating the range of products, prices, working conditions, production periods and our recommendations.


Preparation by the client of a detailed requirements list for our specialists (product description, sketch or photo of the sample, weight, volume, components, etc.).

Visit to the factory by our specialist. Monitoring compliance with the manufacturing conditions of the goods in accordance with the statement of work. Conformity assessment of finished product quality to order conditions.

Check working ability of the product. Check of packaging compliance. Check storage conditions. Photo and video recording of inspection. Preparation of a detailed report on the results of the inspection within 2 business days.

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Placing an order for OEM / ODM

Our team of native-speaking managers is located in the main office in Bali, which allows them to organize the production of your products and communicate closely with Indonesian factories on all production issues.

Original Equipment Manufacturer:

What is it?
Production of an existing product, but under the brand of the customer

What is required to provide?
Logo, packaging

Original Design Manufacturer:

What is it?
Production of the product according to technical specifications and design provided by the customer

What is required to provide?
Sketch, logo, packaging

Working with the Best Partners.

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Importing & exporting goods in Indonesia.

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