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Factory tours

The fastest and most productive way to find the right manufacturer is to visit the factory. This allows you to see with your own eyes all stages of production, explore samples, conduct negotiations on the spot and make a deal.

Vivo Asia specialists will accompany you to the factory, provide language and consulting support in the process of negotiating and signing a contract, and help to achieve better conditions for your company.

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Business Tours

When working with Indonesia, it is important to build trust based on personal relationships. Therefore, visiting enterprises is an important part of building successful business relationships. A business trip to Bali will allow companies to expand their ideas about the Indonesian market, study the features of production, and also decide on the choice of a reliable manufacturer to successfully launch development of their products.

Creating a list of potential companies for meetings; Establishing primary contact and mutual interest; Approval of time and place of meeting; Formation of a route of a trip (Travel List); Holding meetings with the participation of a translator, discussing the best conditions for the client; Follow up action plan; Presentation of a report with the results of a business tour.

Translation Services:

Going to a business meeting with an Indonesian partner or to an international exhibition, if you do not speak Indonesian, you will definitely need a translation from Indonesian to your native language.

Vivo Asia employs translators who are fluent in Indonesian, as well as native speakers. In addition to translation skills, our managers are specialists in the field of consulting and foreign economic activity, which allows them to freely navigate the subject of translation.

Obtaining contact details of enterprises from the customer; Determining the purpose of the trip; Planning a trip (travel list); Joint visit to factories, language support for negotiations; Joint visit to factories; Legal support of the contract signing; Assistance in closing a contract with a manufacturer; Negotiations for favorable terms; The conclusion of a deal.

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Factory verification

Every year cases of fraud on the part of Indonesian suppliers, which often work on a prepaid system, are not uncommon. After receiving the prepayment, the supplier may disappear, in the end it turns out that the contract was concluded with a non-existent company. To avoid such situations, you should check the company information in the Indonesia Companies Register.

Our experts will draw up a detailed report on the factory, which will help you get all the necessary information and thereby minimize the risks.

Documents required:

· Basic information about the company (name, registered address, field of activity, registered capital, etc.)

· Information about company management

· Information about bank accounts and loans of the company

· Main counterparties (suppliers, buyers)

· Annual financial reporting data

· Information about the production

Work stages:

· Receiving from the client a list of factories for verification

· Detailed analysis of factory information in the Register of Companies by our specialists

· Visit to the factory

· Providing a detailed report with photos of the factory and its production

Working with the Best Partners.

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Importing & exporting goods in Indonesia.

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