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Effortlessly expand your e-commerce with our Dropshipping solutions

VIVO ASIA offers a comprehensive dropshipping service to help businesses sell products online without the need for warehouse and inventory management. We work with a network of suppliers and manufacturers to source products at competitive prices, and handle the logistics of getting the products to your customers. Our dropshipping service allows you to focus on growing your business and reaching new customers, while we handle the rest.

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Warehouse Solutions

With a comprehensive warehousing service, we provide a wide selection of sizes and duration of cargo storage equipped with modern technology.

This comprehensive service includes pallet in and out, high security, short and long term storage, modern inventory control systems, order and processing systems, inventory control systems and container packing and unpacking.

Consult your shipping needs immediately now to our team to get a cargo delivery solution safely and on time.

We offer several types of storage services:

Temporary storage - a warehouse in China for the consolidation of goods. Can be used for the collection and distribution of goods for shipment or self-receipt by Chinese partners.

Renting a warehouse on an ongoing basis is the best option for long-term storage of large consignments

Work stages:

· Choosing the optimal type of storage
· Receiving cargo from manufacturers, delivering cargo to the warehouse, including the organization of the supply of containers for loading, control of shipment and unloading
· Consolidation, sorting, labeling, weighing and storage of goods in a warehouse
· Stock insurance

Working with the Best Partners.

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Business storage solutions ideal for retailers, manufacturers, sales reps, and all types of small business owners. Whether you need a small storage unit for business supplies, a large unit for equipment and retail inventory, or anything in between, Pak Gudang has you covered.

Importing & exporting goods in Indonesia.

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