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Business Visa

Valid for:

60 days


Business Visa B211A

Perfect for :

Two extensions (2x60 days)


Our visa experts help you determine which Business Visa is right for you.

A Business Visa is designed for those who plan to come to Indonesia for business talks, meetings, or investment meetings. It is not intended for individuals seeking employment in Indonesia. With a Business Visa, you can stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days, and you have the option to extend the visa for an additional 60 days twice, for a total of 180 days.

If you're planning a trip to Indonesia for business purposes, it's important to understand which type of Business Visa you need. There are two types of Business Visas available: the Single-Entry Business Visa and the Multiple-Entry Business Visa. The Single-Entry Business Visa allows you to enter Indonesia once, while the Multiple-Entry Business Visa allows you to enter and exit Indonesia multiple times within the validity period of the visa.

At VIVO ASIA, our visa experts can help you determine which Business Visa is right for you, and guide you through the application process to ensure that your visa application is as seamless as possible. Whether you're planning to attend a conference, negotiate a business deal, or explore investment opportunities, we can help you navigate the complex regulations and requirements for obtaining a Business Visa in Indonesia.

Process for Outsourcing,
Living & Visiting.

– Expanding your business, or relocating your life, or even visiting Bali isn’t simple when you handle all the logistics yourself. Make it easier with the help of our experts based in Bali. 

Find out first-hand, what it takes to invest or expand into Indonesia. VIVO ASIA has helped our clients rethink structure and cost to deliver on business ROI. While staying on top of regulations with tailor-made solutions:

  1. Sign up. Simple signup process with all your information like name, current address and business name.                                  

  2. Consult legal requirements of your business field.                                                                  

  3. Get a tailor-made solution for your business – covering all aspects of business operations (Tax, HR, Legal, etc)                                                                                                

  4. Sign a contract & get your company registered in Bali.

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