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16 most frequently asked questions about KITAS in Indonesia

#1 What can be the position of the foreigner in a KITAS, and does it affect its validity?

Directors and Commissioners are guaranteed to get a 12-month extendable KITAS, but for a Manager/Advisor position, the validity is a discretionary decision of the immigration.

Other temporary jobs can get a non-extendable working KITAS for 1-6 months. Possible positions also depend on the company’s business classification, i.e., a foreigner can be a diving instructor only if the company has a diving license, etc.

#2 The sponsoring company hiring me is located in Jakarta, but I want to reside in Bali with my family, can I do that?

You can only get a KITAS in the city where your office is located as it is related to your work permit. However, living in another city is possible only if the sponsoring company has valid branch documents in that city.

#3 I have a work and stay permit from one company Indonesia. Can I also work for another company?

No, you need a separate work permit for each company you work for in Indonesia, and there are limitations for combining different positions in different companies.

#4 My work permit states that I am a Marketing Manager at a cafe – can I also do some chef work?

You cannot do any other work or work in any other locations in Indonesia unless stated in your work permit.

#5 I am a shareholder in a company, but I do not wish to pay for the DKP-TKA of US$ 1,200, is there any way around this?

You can avoid this by not being a Director or a Commissioner and maintain your status only as a shareholder. Instead of a work permit, shareholders can obtain an investor visa which does not require them to pay US$ 1,200.

If the company was established after July 2018 in the OSS system and you are a shareholder and a director or a commissioner in the company, you can apply for an investor KITAS without the need to pay the DPK-TKA payment. However, this does not apply to companies registered before the implementation of the OSS system.

Contact us at for more information.

#6 I got a 6-month work and stay permit, but the company would still employ me for another six months. How to proceed then?

You need to cancel your KITAS and re-apply for a new KITAS.

#7 What should I do once my work and stay permit in Indonesia expires, and the company will not extend my work?

You need to proceed to Exit Permit Only procedure which requires you and the sponsoring company to return your work permit and KITAS to the issuance authority.

EPO takes one working day, and you must leave Indonesia within seven days from receiving the EPO stamp.

VIVO ASIA can assist you with the EPO process. Read our previous article to find more information about why you need to apply for EPO in Indonesia.

#8 My KITAS will expire in 2 months, but I had to go back to my home country due to an urgent situation and won’t be able to proceed to Exit Permit Only. What should I do?

This is not a problem at all. If you already left Indonesia, we can apply for an alternative to EPO called ERP. However, we need the original of your IMTA and KITAS, your flight ticket and the exit stamp. You will get a notification document later on stating that you have already canceled the KITAS.

#9 What should be the minimum validity of my passport when applying for a KITAS?

Your passport needs to be valid for at least 18 months, and it should have at least a few empty pages.

If you get a new passport during the KITAS application process, the KITAS process must be redone. We suggest making sure that the passport is valid for a minimum of 21 months for the application process.

#10 How long does the KITAS process take?

Depends on the type of KITAS and how fast the authorities process:

  • Spouse-sponsored KITAS – around one month

  • Retirement KITAS – 10 business days from the submission of the application

  • Working KITAS – 1.5-2.5 months

#11 Do I need to be in Indonesia during the whole KITAS process?

No, only to convert the VITAS into a KITAS. This is now done at the border upon your arrival in Indonesia.

#12 Can my spouse and children come to Indonesia at the same time when I apply for my KITAS?

Yes, they can come in at the same time when you enter Indonesia using a limited stay visa and a dependent KITAS.

#13 Can bring my pets and import my personal belongings to Indonesia?

Yes, you can use our importer of record service for importing your personal belongings to Indonesia.

You can also bring your pets, but they need to meet some requirements. For example, vaccination against rabies and a health certificate is necessary. You also need a local importer since an import license is requisite for bringing pets to Indonesia.

However, note that some parts of Indonesia, for example, Bali do not allow to import of pets.

#14 Is it true that the ratio of foreign and Indonesian employees needs to be 1:10 if a company wants to issue work and stay permit for an expat?

No, according to current regulations, the ratio is 1:1 and applies only to foreign titles other than Director and Commissioner.

#15 How many work and stay permits can a Representative Office issue for foreign workers?

Only 2. A 12-month KITAS for the Chief of the Representative Office (the CRO) and a 6-month KITAS for the Assistant of the CRO.

#16 What if my visa has expired, but I haven’t left Indonesia?

Overstaying your visa can have serious consequences. It may result in a daily fine or even in deportation and blacklisting.

However, VIVO ASIA can handle your immigration situation caused by a long overstay. Find more information in our previous article on overstaying a visa in Indonesia or see what to do when you are having visa problems in Indonesia.

Have more questions about limited stay permits in Indonesia or want to get started with your KITAS application process? Book a free consultation by filling in the form below.


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